Hyperledger Fabric can be used to develop blockchain applications using plugins.

Hyperledger Fabric provides the following components to develop an application:

Architecture of Corda

Part 3

Interoperability in Blockchains

Interoperability among blockchains is the ability of different blockchain systems to exchange information among them. …

Part 2

Blockchain Development

A blockchain is a decentralized, distributed database that stores a list of records called blocks linked using the cryptographic hash of the previous block. It is considered secure by design…

Part 2


In OOP paradigm, polymorphism is the ability of multiple objects to respond to the same message i.e. the message can take multiple forms. It can be implemented in multiple forms-

Part 1

Designing classes that can be easily changed.

The aim is to design classes that satisfy current requirements, and are easy to change in the future. Quantitatively defining this ease of change translates as changes will…

What is object oriented design?

In less cryptic terms than definitions, objects are something which have a defined set of associated values (state which only the object controls) and a defined…

With the criticality of services being provided by software systems increasing, unplanned or longer downtimes must be circumvented. High availability systems aim to provide a fixed level of performance for longer periods of time.

Uptime can be impacted either by failures, which can happen anytime or by maintenance tasks, which…

What are containers? What are Docker containers? Docker Architecture. Migrating to Docker.

What are containers?

Virtualisation logically divides resources including hardware platforms, storage, and networks between different applications. Hypervisor virtualisation allows creation of virtual machines each with its own OS, a translator program controls the interaction between the guest OS…

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